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Our Services

Brandfly is a distributor of promotional products. Anything that can be decorated and customized is a product we can supply, to meet your needs. From wearables and water bottles to high end watches and awards…we are your source for quality custom decorated merchandise. Now, you may be thinking…so what, there are lots of you guys around…there are some key differences.

Promotional products is an easy industry to get into and a difficult industry to do well in. For one thing, there are over 40 different decorating methods for custom merchandise. Some knowledge of the appropriateness of various processes and their strengths and limitations can mean the difference between you hitting a home run or fouling out with your promotional products.  

There are a myriad of factories that produce the products you seek in most cases. Knowing where to buy products and who to partner with for the best result with your products takes knowledge and industry history. For a simple example, take red coffee mugs. Red coffee mugs are produced and decorated in our industry by at least seventy-five different company factories we could partner with. We will partner with four for this unique challenge, because there are unique aspects to the red pigment used to make the mugs red. These pigments react different than other colors in a kiln when permanently adhering your design to a mug. In addition, there are factories out there that don’t even fire the imprint in a kiln, so your decoration can’t possibly be permanent. Our staff of industry experts have at least ninety years of combined experience in promotional products that they bring to the table for you.

Thirty-Five percent of the promotional products industry is wearables. We are the largest screen printer in Utah, and we have many embroidery machines so we can produce your decorated apparel in-house. This is unique in the industry as most distributors contract out 100% of the products they source. In addition to decorated apparel, we produce magnets, coasters, and socks all in-house. We also have the ability to do vehicle wraps, posters, and other signs at our fingertips.

Trust your reputation for quality to the experienced team. Brandfly, your source for all things decorated.

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